Our nursery curriculum concentrates on the stimulation and extension of children’s capabilities enabling them to;

– Learn through carefully structured play and a wide range of learning activities
– Explore, discover and gain understanding through planned worthwhile interaction and discussion
– Learn how to work, play and interact with others outside their home environment.

    • program enables children to socially interact with children and adults other than their family members. They learn about sharing and getting along while having fun playing. The children are exposed to a variety of instructional play materials and art media. This prepares them for the nursery school setting.
    • In the Pre-nursery Discoverers group (2-3yrs), emphasis is on sensorial development as children are given wonderful opportunities for all-round development in preparation for Nursery Schools Class time allows for personal choice and “Circle time” promotes structure and routine.


We recognizes individual learning styles and tailors the broad and interdisciplinary curriculum to include visual, auditory and Kinesthetic (or tactile) learning styles in order to ‘reach all’. .

    • Marymount follows the key principles of a “Curriculum of Excellence” which provides opportunities to develop key capacities in pupils to become:-
    The curriculum revolves around the knowledge that pre-school children are most responsive to “hands on” activities appropriate for each child’s developmental level. Classroom spaces and learning activities are designed with this in mind. Our program continues to emphasize the importance of social skills. While personal choice and circle time are still part of classroom ethics, pupils’ activities are more structured. The core curriculum is enriched with additional subjects such as the introduction to ICT as appropriate to the child’s level. Emphasis is also placed on pre-literacy and pre-numeracy activities, leading to simple reading and writing by the end of the Nursery 2 year.


    At the primary level, the emphasis remains on interactive learning. The children are encouraged in developing critical thinking and reasoning skills. This is a curriculum which seeks to incorporate various learning styles into teaching.


In addition to the core subjects, Marymount School aims to provide a broad educational experience including music, art, drama and dance. Thus activities which are traditionally treated as co-curricular have been woven into the programme.
Our aim is early detection of talent. An extensive range of these activities include:

  • Music (Piano lessons, sing along sessions, etc)
  • Dance
  • Crafts
  • Drama
  • French

These have been integrated into the school day for all children at no extra cost to parents. Club activities are also encouraged after school hours to hone-in discovered talents and provide a most well rounded education experience.

All pupils in the school have regular physical exercise lessons intended not only to promote physical fitness but to also foster in the children a sense of team spirit and fair play. Our Novelty Sports Day holds every two years and is usually a highlight of the year showcasing skills which have been acquired by the children.

Swimming is both a in-curricular and an extra-curricular activity. The children are in the care of certified professional coaches and their teachers, and greatly enjoy their time in the water