Welcome to Marymount School Lekki

Marymount School was conceived in 2007 as a Montessori based Pre- school and Nursery. Its main aim was to meet the desire of parents for a school which would provide their wards with ‘the right start’ towards an international styled education, at an affordable rate.

We have since then metamorphosed into a fully fledged Nursery and Primary school, offering a rich blend of the British and the Nigerian Curriculum. Our curriculum allows for a child centered, child driven interactive learning, incorporating all the ideals of a 21st century education.

Our strength has been in our small class sizes which allow us to take cognizance of individual learning styles, tailoring the broad and interdisciplinary curriculum to each pupil’s learning style thereby ensuring that no child is left behind



  • To raise children with core values of compassion, honesty and respect for others.
  • To equip children with critical thinking and analytical skills giving them global perspectives of interdependence, cultural diversity and sustainable futures.

Our school is committed to providing, within a caring and secure learning environment, an education which develops the whole child, incorporates social and ethical values and emphasises the core skills required for sustainability in the 21st centur.

We believe that our duty as educationists is two-fold: to develop the mind of the child and second; to develop the character of the child. The most critical period of a child’s development is the nursery and primary years, a highly formative period during which the brain grows fastest and accumulates vast new knowledge. At this stage of development, when the mind is constantly being stimulated with new experiences, quality child education is of utmost importance. Our aim at Marymount School is to provide first class experience, which ensures the development of intellectual curiosity and which puts into place a “world citizen’ view.