The summer break is always a very important one for the kids, as they have just ended a school calendar year and would be preparing to move on to either a new class or a new school as the case may be.

Also, it happens to be the longest of all the school breaks. Quite a number of families usually plan to travel out of the country during this time. We would like to give you some tips on how you and the kids can have a wonderful time during the summer. Helping you connect and enjoying it to the fullest.


Draft a schedule of all the activities that you would want the entire family to be involved in, using a calendar format, and put it where it would be visible for everyone to see. This helps put everything in order and gives the kids a sense of expectation as to what is coming up.


Create a daily schedule of activities and chores that the kids are meant to take on. This would help put each day in order and would give them a sense of responsibility.


It can be very tempting for kids to spend all their time on screens. From computers to mobile devices and television. This is the reason why there is a need to regulate the usage of these devices so that the activities of the day can be enjoyed and so they can do their chores.


Make each day of the week special. This can be done by having special events assigned to each day, such as movie Friday or beach Sunday. This helps make the kids look forward to the activities of each day.


Take advantage of the warm weather and allow the family enjoys the environment. Games like catch and tag can be played. Tug-of-War can also. All to have that pleasant family fun outside.


It is very important that you enroll them for SUMMER CAMP. This helps them prepare for the next class, and they also have time to interact with kids in their age group.

Other activities can be included. In all, have a fantastic summer with your kids.

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