The 2021 SCIENCE EXPO AND EXHIBITION DAY was a very eventful day. With lots of presentations from kids from the DISCOVERERS CLASS UP TO THE YEAR SIX.

This is an excerpt from one of the presentation of our kids.

Desert are found on all seven continents of the world, deserts are also called arid areas

If you put together all the deserts on the earth, it makes up wround 32% of the earth’s surface. About one billion people live in the desert regions of the earth, the largest desert cities are Cairo in Egypt and

Lima in Peru.

FACTS ABOUT THE DESERT 1. Desert have dry soil and little rainfall.

2. Many desert animals like, antelopes, tortoise and horned sheep etc. find it difficult to survive

3. Animals and plant in the desert have adapted to the desert regions

4. A desert receives less than 25cm of rain per year

5. The temperature during the sunshine hours is usually very high while the night temperature is very cold, sometimes it snow this makes the desert very difficult to live in

6. The largest desert in the world, is the Sahara Desert in Africa 7. The annual season of plant growth is extremely short.


1. Foxes

2. Spiders

3. Snakes

4. Camel

S. Uzards

6. Scorpions

7. Vultures.amongst many.


1. The Joshua Tree

2. Regress

3. Prickly Pear Cactus

4. Golden Barrel Cactus

5. Brittlebush

6 Ghost Plant

7. Paddle Plaints

8. Tumbleweed

9. Desert Marigold

10. Hanging chain cholla.

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