Fruits are essential parts of human lives, right from when man was living in caves. They were his major source of nourishment until when he was able to make simple work tools and fire for cooking meat and other foods.

The world is filled with diverse kinds of people and cultures, which makes each person and geographical location unique. This is also true for fruits, as there are various kinds and fruits and also various species of the same fruit.

Announced in Berlin International Fruit day in the year 2007, this event has been celebrated yearly with the sharing of fruits in sympathy and joy amongst family, friends, or the needy. Also with the aim of preserving positive living conditions.

For a fact, the daily consumption of fruits and vegetables is key to following a healthy diet. Furthermore, it helps in the promotion of our general health, prevention, and control of obesity and chronic diseases, and improving world security.

For reasons such as these and more, we at Mary Mount School also celebrated this event with the pupils, teaching them diverse kinds of fruits, their importance and uses, and also how best to preserve them. Talks were given by the pupils on fruits and their uses amongst other things.

In all, it was a very beautiful event as the kids learned more about fruits, their importance and benefits to them and the society, how to preserve them, and how to combine them for healthy living.

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